• To improve living conditions of cocoa farmers and their families and to contribute to a secure living —
  • To conserve and protect natural resources and biodiversity in cocoa producing countries —
  • To increase cultivation and commercialization of sustainably produced cocoa —


Learn more about the role of women in the cocoa sector and what it means for them.  

In the interview with Alida you will also learn what motivated her to found a cooperative.

Women in the Cocoa Sector

What is the role cocoa plays for women in Côte d'Ivoire? 
Listen ...


.... e.g. to Séraphine ADON 
and another six women 
involved in PRO-PLANTEURS.


(French with German subtitles)

Learn more about cocoa farming trainings that help farmers to professionalize in sustainable cocoa farming.

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The aim of PRO-PLANTEURS is to professionalise 20,000 cocoa-producing farms and their organisations in the south of Côte d'Ivoire in order to improve the living conditions of the families through an increase in income and a balanced diet.

Mamadou Zie Bamba, director of one of the cooperatives of the project, confirms the success. Through training, the entire management and in particular the accounting of his organisation could be significantly improved.