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The German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa frequently participates in leading industry fairs, such as the International Sweets & Confectionery Fair (ISM) and the international fair for food & beverages Anuga, and presents their commitment to sustainable cocoa production. In addition, together with its partners, GISCO hosts workshops and events on an international stage for producers in the cocoa producing countries as well as for representatives of member companies or the interested public.

The event calendar provides information about these dates and other events relevant to the cocoa sector.


GISCO invites experts and practitioners to its Annual General Meetings. They present their scientific research and report news findings and their experiences within the scope of the respective main theme. This exchange is an important part of GISCO’s work.


The German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa considers itself as a platform to exchange experiences and knowledge. One aim is to join forces with different initiatives at national and international level to increase their impact. Because the goal to make the cocoa sector more sustainable can only be effectively achieved together. Joint forces of all actors of the value chain and interest groups are needed. The governments of the cocoa producing countries play a major role in doing so.

The German Intiative on Sustainable Cocoa is regularly represented at these events:

  • Anuga
  • ISM Cologne
  • Events of the European platforms
  • World Cocoa Conference
  • There are also regular workshops and online seminars for members.

Events of the European Platforms

In a first joint event on 9 November 2020, around 130 members of the three European platforms for sustainable cocoa (Beyond Chocolate, Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao e.V. and SWISSCO) discussed the responsibility of the various actors for respecting human rights along the cocoa supply chain.

After a welcome address by the EU Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, and a presentation of the Swiss "Responsible Business Initiative", Sarah Bollermann from the Aldi South Group gave the participants an exciting insight into the retailer's human rights due diligence concept.

In the panel discussion that followed, representatives of the various stakeholder groups along the cocoa supply chain - from COCOBOD from Ghana and ISEAL to Barry Callebaut, Nestlé and Colruyt, a Belgian retailer - discussed ways of cooperating to jointly ensure the implementation of human rights due diligence.

The working groups then took a closer look at the responsibilities of the individual actors, identified tools for effective cooperation and discussed the role of multi-actor platforms. It became clear that the "pre-competitive" space created by multi-actor platforms, in which not only best practices but also challenges are (or should be) shared, is particularly valued by the members of the platforms and should be further strengthened across platforms. Along with this, one recommendation ran through all working groups: Transparency along the supply chain must be improved in order to develop information-based measures to ensure human rights compliance along the cocoa supply chain.


A documentation of the event can be found here.

International trade fair for sweets and snacks (ISM)

Gender and Living Income

Pressemitteilung - ISM 2024

On Sunday, January 28, 2024, the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa hosted an event on "Together towards a living income - gender-sensitive approaches for the cocoa value chain" in Cologne as part of ISM, the world's largest trade fair for confectionery and snacks.

25 Jul.


10:00 - 11:00
Dieses Event findet in regelmäßigen Abständen statt
10 Sep.

Online-Seminar “Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) for Retailers” von ICI

10:00 - 11:30
Externes Event, keine Registrierung über die Webseite des Kakaoforums. External Event, no registration via the GISCO website.
12 Sep.

World Confectionery Conference 2024

@Brussels, Belgium
Die internationale Confectionery Confrence und Austellung bringt globale Akteure der Süßigkeiten, Snacks und Backwaren Märkte während der...
12 Sep.

ISCO Working Group Monitoring

11:00 - 13:00
Die nationalen Initiativen für nachhaltigen Kakao in Europa (ISCOs) haben fünf Arbeitsgruppen gebildet, die die gemeinsamen...
24 Sep.

Online-Seminar on Tony’s Chocolonely’s Open Chain

14:00 - 16:00
Transparency, long-term relationships and paying a higher price - How does it work in practice? 
30 Sep.

Digitalkonferenz zur Unternehmerischen Nachhaltigkeit

13:00 - 18:00
Zertifizierte Nachhaltigkeit als Chance - der ZNU-Standard Nachhaltiger Wirtschaften 2024 "Die nachhaltige Transformation in Wirtschaft und...
01 Oct.

AG Nachhaltigkeit

01 Oct.

AG Kommunikation

Datum für die Oktobersitzung folgt. (Platzhalter) / Date for the October meeting follows. (placeholder)
17 Oct.

ISCO Working Group Child Labour

14:00 - 15:30
Die nationalen Initiativen für nachhaltigen Kakao in Europa (ISCOs) haben fünf Arbeitsgruppen gebildet, die die gemeinsamen...
01 Nov.

Online-Seminar November

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