International Women’s Day 2024: The successes of the Animatrices Rurales

GISCO is celebrating International Women’s Day, a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality . On this special occasion, we want to introduce you to the Animatrices rurales at PRO-PLANTEURS and their remarkable work.

Trained by PRO-PLANTEURS, Animatrices Rurales have emerged as influential community leaders, leading Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) as well as groups for joint income-generating activities to holding key positions as deputy mayor at the municipal level . Their impact is of great importance, and their contributions go beyond their leadership roles. They’re actively promoting better nutrition, childcare, and health practices within their communities, fostering a healthier and a more inclusive environment for all, bridging the gap between cocoa farming families and cooperatives . Today, we celebrate the invaluable efforts of these strong women.

At GISCO, we set the goal to strengthen women in the cocoa producing countries together with our members. Therefore, GISCO’s Goal 7 aims to strengthen gender equality and improve opportunities for women and young people in cocoa farming communities . However, women in cocoa often encounter significant obstacles, including a lack of access to land and smaller parcels compared to male-led farms. Additionally, women often face higher production costs due to their dependence on external labor, and a lack of access to financing. These circumstances underscore the urgent need to address gender inequality in the cocoa industry and promote inclusive solutions . That is one reason why we are focusing on “Inclusive Living Income Strategies” in our annual theme for 2024 & 2025.