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In June 2020, the PRO-PLANTEURS project was transferred to a five-year follow-up phase and continues to be jointly funded by the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa, the German Federal Government and the Ivorian Government. This video is a review of the first project phase (06/2015 - 05/2019). (German)

Give women more responsibility!

Alida N'Takpe-Coulibaly talks about the important role of women in the Ivorian cocoa economy here.


On the way to Europe - what is important for a cooperative

"I want new solutions for agriculture and to improve our parents' standard of living." Alida N'Takpe-Coulibaly reports on the difficulties of cocoa farming.

Women in the cocoa sector

Learn more about the living conditions of women in the cocoa sector.


Towards a sustainable cocoa sector

Learn about the importance of these measures using our PRO-PLANTEURS project as an example.


PRO-PLANTEURS at the World Cocoa Conference 2018

Former project manager Judith Steffens on experiences with the Ivorian cocoa project.


Impressions from the 4th World Cocoa Conference

Three representatives of PRO-PLANTEURS cooperatives participated in the 4th WCC in Berlin. Fleur, George and Charlotte describe their expectations and impressions in this article.


In conversation with forum members at the WCC 2018

At the 4th World Cocoa Conference in Berlin, we asked Forum members about their expectations regarding the conference outcomes.


Training, sustainability standards and certification

Learn more about the multistakeholder initiative's commitment to better living conditions in cocoa farming.