Overview on the project and its goals

PRO-PLANTEURS is a joint project of the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa together with the German government and the Ivorian government. PRO-PLANTEURS aims to professionalize cocoa-producing family-owned-businesses and their farmer organizations in five regions of the southern and eastern parts of Côte d'Ivoire. The objective is to improve the families' livelihoods by increasing their incomes and improving a balanced nutrition.

One objective of the project is, in particular, to provide women with opportunities to improve their income situation and create a better nutritional basis for their families, thus creating a positive impact on their living conditions. In addition, the project contributes to making cocoa production more attractive again to young cocoa farmers, allowing them to earn a regular income from producing cocoa.

After the successful completion of the first phase, PRO-PLANTEURS entered a five-year follow-up phase in June 2020 (6/2020-5/2025). In total, PRO-PLANTEURS will reach 30,000 cocoa farmers and their cooperatives.

More information about current activities in the project see here.

More information on the project can be found in our fact sheet. 

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Starting in June 2020, the project PRO-PLANTEURS will enter another five-year follow-up phase and will continue to be jointly financed by the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa, the German government and the Ivorian government. Time to take a look at the first project phase (06/2015 - 05/2020).

The focus of PRO-PLANTEURS and its project activities are divided into four areas:
1. Strengthening farmer organizations
  • PRO-PLANTEURS supports the organizations through training and coaching to improve their internal organization and the services provided to farmers and their families.
  • Women are encouraged to take up more responsibility within the farmer organizations.
2. Improving cocoa farming
  • PRO-PLANTEURS supports male and female cocoa farmers through direct advice and trainings.
  • The trainings are adjusted as required. They are developed using the curricula of the Farmer Business School (FBS) and of the Training Initiative Certification Capacity Enhancement (CCE).
3. Improving nutrition through diversification
  • PRO-PLANTEURS promotes diversification. This part of the project focuses on women.
  • By supporting them in activities such as production, processing and marketing, their income is to be improved.
  • Project activities will also focus on overcoming seasonal food shortages and year-round food security.
4. Joint learning
  • PRO-PLANTEURS fosters dialogue among farmers and disseminates best practices and success stories.
  • Dialogue and learning platforms allow organizations to disseminate knowledge and experiences to farmers. The project fosters this exchange; the platforms are actively used by the farmers.

PRO-PLANTEURS was set up with a duration of five years (6/2015 to 05/2020). Because of its good and well accepted succes a follow-up phase started in June 2020. This will last for another five years up to May 2025. The financing is shared by the three project partners: German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa, German Federal Government and Ivorian Government. Two committees are responsible for strategic management and technical advice on the implementation of the project on site.

PRO-PLANTEURS contributes to the implementation of the National Cocoa Strategy of Côte d'Ivoire, 2QC (Quantité – Qualité – Croissance), and the CocoaAction Strategy of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).



“I wish that my children receive good education and that they can have their own cocoa plantation. So that they continue what I have started.”

- Marguerite Malé, cocoa farmer from Aboisso


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