What is particularly important to you in your cooperative and in working with PRO-PLANTEURS?

Marguerite: PRO-PLANTEURS motivates us through the trainings offered. The training, especially of the management, and the support of the women through income generating activities are important. The women in particular need this support. They are the primary reason I joined PRO-PLANTEURS with my cooperative. We already knew some things about management, but not how to apply those practices and processes. And we didn't know some of the areas that contribute to professionalizing the cooperative. Thanks to PRO-PLANTEURS, we can move this process forward so that our cooperative is one of the best.

What goal would you like to achieve with your cooperative?

M: We wish to become a renowned cooperative. The most important thing is not the profits, but the efficient management. The education and training provided by PRO-PLANTEURS will help us to find the best solutions even in difficult situations and to move our cooperative forward. Another goal is to have many more women join and encourage them to participate. I am sure that in the end everyone will be happy with the experience gained from this Project.


Do you have a special request for the project?

M: My wish is that PRO-PLANTEURS does not end as early as 2020. All cooperatives should be able to take advantage of this project, because the workshops, trainings and joint events are very important. In addition, I would like the cooperatives that are already involved in this project to continue to be accompanied and supported so that these cooperatives are recognized. It should be possible to say that the cooperatives of PRO-PLANTEURS have reached a good level in the coffee and cocoa sector.


Thank you very much, Marguerite MALLET AHIMAN!