PRO-PLANTEURS at the Journée Nationale du Cacao et du Chocolat in Yamoussoukro

The Journée Nationale du Cacao et du Chocolat (JNCC) is the annual main event of the Ivorian cocoa sector. The fair marks the beginning of the annual cocoa harvest season. Here, the Conseil du Café-Cacao (CCC), the organizer of the fair, announces the price of cocoa paid to the farmers. This year the JNCC took place in the capital Yamoussoukro. The focus was on deforestation-free and sustainable cocoa production.
The minimum price for cocoa from farms set by the Ivorian and Ghanaian governments was announced to be raised by 20% to 1,000 FCFA/kg. The historic decision by Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana to set a minimum price of 1,000 FCFA represents an investment in the resilience of the cocoa sector. The price increase corresponds to a subsidy of 355 million FCFA to Ivorian cocoa producers.

High-ranking political figures, traditional leaders, cocoa producers and other stakeholders of the cocoa value chain took part in the opening ceremony. PRO-PLANTEURS was represented with a stand together with the green innovation center.

In the name of the theme "tous engagés pour un cacao, ami de la forêt", Yamoussoukro's District Governors opening speech called upon all the actors in the value chain to join efforts for a more prosper and sustainable cocoa sector. "Deforestation threatens the economy" with 200.000 hectares of forest loss yearly and cocoa and coffee as one of the main drivers.

To counteract deforestation, the CCC is mapping 2,5 million hectares of cocoa plantations that will feed a system of cocoa traceability and set the objective to plant 10 million trees as contribution against deforestation.

As of today 500,000 tonnes of cocoa are processed every year in Côte d'Ivoire, Ouattara finishes his speech by setting the objective of processing 100% of cocoa on Ivorian ground by 2025.

The winners of the Alassane Ouattara Award for the three best cocoa producers and farmers' organizations 2019/20 were also honored.