The German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (GISCO) regularly evaluates the results of its work. The basis for the evaluation are the GISCO objectives, measured in the three sustainability goals, as well as the strategic objectives. Both are evaluated according to determined indicators. GISCO creates a monitoring report for every fiscal year; the summarized results of the fiscal year 2016 are presented in the following.

Selected key figures of the fiscal year 2016

Farmers and their families are supported through projects of GISCO members.

Further information can be found here.

Farmers and their families are supported by

Further information can be found here.

is the share of sustainably produced cocoa in sweets and confectionery produced by GISCO members in Germany in 2016. (2015: 49%)

Total market share of sustainably produced cocoa: 45%.

Strategic objectives (selection)

72 members (+4) in 2016 

By member groups:
(A) Public sector: 1 
(B) Cocoa, chocolate and confectionery industry: 43 
(C) Grocery retail: 17
(D) Civil society: 16
plus supporting members: 5 

GISCO members are currently implementing 91 projects
for the promotion of sustainability in the
cocoa sector in
32 producing countries.


Continuation and intensification of
2 partnerships:
- World Cocoa Foundation
- Conseil du Café-Cacao

The full version of the monitoring report and further documents are available here for GISCO members.