Ten eventful years have passed since the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (GISCO) was founded. Time to reflect on achievements and challenges, and to plan for the future. MORE
On 21.12.2022, the Permanent Representatives Committee of the Member States adopted a regulation aimed at reducing global deforestation. MORE
The first ISCOnference took place in Brussels on 1 September 2022. 200 stakeholders from the cocoa sector shared insights, best practices and challenges related to achieving a living income for cocoa Farmers. MORE
Am 08. November fand anlässlich des zehnjährigen Jubiläums des Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao ein parlamentarischer Abend in der Parlamentarischen Gesellschaft in Berlin statt. Über 50 Mitglieder und Gäste, Parlamentarierinnen und Parlamentarier besuchten die Veranstaltung und zeigten Interesse an der... MORE
This year, GISCO is publishing its second monitoring report, based on a comprehensive data collection among its members. At our general meeting in May of this year, all members committed to participate in the monitoring process. MORE
Report and tool: Distribution of value, costs, taxes and net profit margins along the German cocoa and chocolate value chains MORE
We would like to express our sincere thanks to over 200 participants - including cocoa farmers, representatives of civil society and the private sector - who we welcomed to the first ISCOnference on 1 September 2022 in Brussels and online! The conference provided a platform for members of the Nat... MORE
GISCO invited Dr. Gunther Bensch and Kathrin Kästner from RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung and Laura Schmid from Jacobs University Bremen to present the results of their study "Price formation on the futures market and the physical market for cocoa” to GISCO members in two online... MORE
At the heart of this Call for Proposals is the goal of collectively engaging in selected sustainable sourcing landscapes. The concept of sustainable landscapes is explicitly mentioned in the target areas of the SWISSCO Roadmap 2030 and is linked to the challenges of deforestation and child labour,... MORE
On 07 July 2022, the 4th Journée PRO-PLANTEURS took place on the theme "Child labour and job opportunities"! This year, more than 80 participants exchanged views on how to manage the generational change and whether innovations bring new jobs. The recurring Journée PRO-PLANTEURS provides a review of... MORE