Second Monitoring Report of the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa: Now online!

This year, GISCO is publishing its second monitoring report, based on a comprehensive data collection among its members. At our general meeting in May of this year, all members committed to participate in the monitoring process.

The volume of cocoa from end products containing cocoa sold on the German market covered by the monitoring report is now approximately 88% of the total cocoa volume. This significant increase from last year's approximate 35% is an important step forward and contributes to greater transparency in the cocoa supply chain. Also, the fact that this year not only Beyond Chocolate, the Belgian Platform for Sustainable Cocoa, but also DISCO, the Dutch Platform, participated in the joint monitoring together with GISCO, shows that we have taken a good path with the monitoring. For the coming year, we hope that other European Initiatives on Sustainable Cocoa (ISCOs) will join as well.  

However, the results of the monitoring leave no doubt that we still have a long way to go to achieve our goals regarding living incomes for cocoa-producing households, deforestation-free supply chains and the elimination of child labor. Monitoring also needs to be further improved to strengthen data and validity for some indicators. It is now our task to use the results of the monitoring report to further advance our efforts towards our goals. 

Thank you to all members not only for your contribution to transparency and accountability, but also for your continued efforts towards a sustainable cocoa supply chain! 


Here you can find the monitoring report in German.

Here you can find the monitoring report in English.


More information about our monitoring and other monitoring reports can be found here.