International ISO standard "Sustainable and traceable cocoa" adopted

On 7 May 2019 the international standard "ISO 34101 Sustainable and traceable cocoa" was adopted by the International Standard Organisation ISO.

By the end of this year it should be published as an European (EN) and as a German standard (DIN).
The objective of the ISO standard now adopted is for small farmers in the cocoa sector to be able to run their farms responsibly, be competitive in the long term and earn sufficient income for themselves and their families.
One of the core elements is a farm development plan. It is intended to help small farmers and to be developed by local farmers' organisations together with the farmers. Rules to combat and exclude abusive child labour and deforestation have also been included in the standard. A step-by-step approach is needed to enable as many farmers as possible to become familiar with the standard.

More information is to be found here.