fern.org publishes new report

fern.org publishes new report on sustainable cocoa supply chains and regulatory options for the EU

Europeans consume more chocolate than anyone else in the world.  But the cocoa production sector – based primarily in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire - is plagued with child labour and deforestation. Close to 50 million people are dependent on cocoa for their livelihoods but at least 30–40 per cent of cocoa produced in Côte d’Ivoire is thought to be illegal.

Following decades of failed voluntary efforts to address these problems, there are growing calls from civil society, industry and governments for the EU to regulate its cocoa supply chains.  

This paper is designed to inform the debate around potential European Union (EU)-wide regulation of cocoa and cocoa products, including chocolate, entering the EU market. It describes a range of options for possible action and discusses their advantages and disadvantages.


The full report can be found here.