Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa launched

With the launch of the Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa on September 29, the fourth platform for sustainable cocoa in Europe was formally established. DISCO is a partnership of companies, public sector organisations and civil society organisations active in the Dutch cocoa and chocolate sector.

The vision of the Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (DISCO) is that in the cocoa-production
regions important to the Dutch cocoa industry the following will be achieved:
Farming families with cocoa as their main livelihood activity will be enabled to earn a living income by 2030;
Cocoa-related deforestation and forest degradation in producing regions where the Dutch cocoa industry and their trade partners are sourcing from will have ended in their supply chains by 2025; Effective measures and necessary actions contributing to ending all forms of child labour by 2025 are taken.

More information see here.  

Together with the two platforms in Switzerland and Belgium, the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa, has been in close contact with the Dutch initiative for a while now. The cooperation of the European initiatives for a sustainable cocoa sector is anchored in a Memorandum of Understanding, which the Dutch now want to sign as well.